Dark Unto Days
Dark Unto Days
Genre Comedy/Drama
Total Length -
Created By iBrow Voltex
Written By iBrow Voltex
Edited By iBrow Voltex
Production Company iBrow Productions
Release November 2, 2012
Chapters 5
"I am not skinny! You, my friend, are just outright fat."



Lewa Mata - (2 Appearances)

Pohatu Nuva - (1 Appearance)

Gali Nuva - (1 Appearance)

Onua Nuva - (1 Appearance)

Gali Mata - (1 Appearance)

Rogue BionicleEdit

Kopaka Nuva - (2 Appearances)

Pridak - (3 Appearances)

Takadox - (3 Appearances)

Ehlek - (3 Appearances)

Zaktan - (2 Appearances)

Vezok - (2 Appearances)

Hakann - (2 Appearances)

Thok - (2 Appearances)

Reidak - (2 Appearance)s

Avak - (2 Appearances)

Unknown Toa of Water - (2 Appearances)

Hero FactoryEdit

Rocka - (1 Appearance)

Evo - (1 Appearance)


ALMIGHTY - (2 Appearances)


Part 1Edit

The Barraki share their doubts regarding Lewa Mata; meanwhile, Kopaka Nuva tries to show the obvious to Gali Nuva and Onua Nuva.

Part 2Edit

Lewa Mata discusses Nex 2.0 with ALMIGHTY. Meanwhile, Pridak hosts a meeting to take down their noble leader.

Part 3Edit

Gali Mata, Takadox and Vezok discuss the issues surrounding the rogue Bionicle sets.

Part 4Edit

Coming Soon.


  • This is the first comedy in the Tahu vs. Tahu series to have a banner featuring more than two characters.
    • This is also the first banner to feature sets that are obscured by effects.
  • This is the first Tahu vs. Tahu mini series to be released as a filler between two seasons.
    • It is also the first Tahu vs. Tahu mini series to be completed.


Dark Unto Days

The banner, featuring the six Piraka to show their more prominent role in the story as a group.