Part 1
Genre Comedy/Drama
Total Length 1046 Words
Created By iBrow Voltex
Written By iBrow Voltex
Edited By iBrow Voltex
Production Company iBrow Productions
Release November 2, 2012
Part 1 is the untitled first chapter of the mini series Dark Unto Days. It was published on November 2, 2012.



Lewa Mata

Pohatu Nuva

Onua Nuva

Gali Nuva

Takanuva Stars (Mentioned Only)

Tahu Stars (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Tahu Mata (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Tahu Nuva (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Rogue BionicleEdit

Kopaka Nuva




Hero FactoryEdit



Nex 2.0 (Mentioned Only; Deceased)




Pridak, Takadox and Ehlek meet on the window sill of a room within the house, watching the arrival of the 2012 Hero Factory sets. The three discuss Lewa Mata, and Pridak's suspcions regarding the Toa Mata of Air since the end of the Tahu vs. Tahu civil war. While doing so, they also temporarily stray onto the topic of the time paradox that Pridak and Nex 2.0 created in Tahu vs. Tahu: Aftermath, and the effects it had on the sets of the house.

The view shifts down to the yard in front of the house, where Lewa Mata greets the four Toa Nuva. Kopaka Nuva openly shares his opinion on Lewa Mata's decision to keep the new Hero Factory sets in the dark, but is shot down by Pohatu Nuva, who agrees to the terms wholeheartedly before leaving with Lewa Mata. When the two are gone, Kopaka Nuva confides in Gali Nuva and Onua Nuva about his distrust of Lewa Mata, but neither believes him.

Later on, Pridak is caught writing about the Tahu vs. Tahu story, but it turns out that the sets that found him were only Rocka and Evo, two of the new Hero Factory sets.

Afterward, an unnamed character meets with an unknown master to speak about the late Nex 2.0, and why he was chosen.


  • As of this chapter, Rocka is the only 2012 Hero Factory set known to have been in all three main comedies in the Tahu vs. Tahu series: Tahu vs. Tahu, Dark Unto Days, and The Afterwords.
  • Tahu Mistika is the only Tahu set to not be mentioned during the chapter.
  • This is the first time a set has mentioned the Nex Paradox since Yrotsih Gnignahc.
    • This is also the first time a set has mentioned being able to remember the events of the paradox.