Part 2
Genre Comedy/Drama
Total Length 1068 Words
Created By iBrow Voltex
Written By iBrow Voltex
Edited By iBrow Voltex
Production Company iBrow Productions
Release November 9, 2012
Part 2 is the untitled second chapter of the mini series Dark Unto Days. It was published on November 9, 2012.



Lewa Mata

Pohatu Mata (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Macku (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Rogue BionicleEdit

Kopaka Nuva










Unknown Toa of Water

Hero FactoryEdit

Nex 2.0 (Mentioned Only; Deceased)




The chapter opens to reveal that the two characters at the end of Part 1 were Lewa Mata and ALMIGHTY. When asked to explain why he allowed Nex 2.0, one of his most valuable pawns, to be killed, ALMIGHTY refers to an analogy of a chess board, describing various figures and their places upon it such as Pohatu Mata and Macku. He finishes the explanation off by giving a reasoning for allowing the destruction of Nex 2.0 and the Throwbots, answering Lewa Mata's question.

Elsewhere, Pridak has gathered eleven sets together as part of a club designated to bringing down the evil Lewa Mata. However, the meeting quckly desolves thanks to the six Piraka, and both Ehlek and Takadox are soon drawn into several arguments. Pridak and Kopaka Nuva discuss the usual routine for a short bit before an unknown Toa of Water shouts at them all, silencing everyone in the room. She says her opinion, ordering them to follow it, before leaving. As Takadox and Vezok leave, Pridak and Ehlek briefly discuss what transpired, with Ehlek deciding it'll turn out good for them in the end.


  • This marks the first appearance of the six Piraka in Dark Unto Days, the six of whom were designated by iBrow as the main characters of the mini series.
  • This is also the first time that the six Piraka are seen working together on something together, something iBrow has wanted to show ever since Invasion.
  • This is the first appearance of the Unknown Toa of Water.