Part 3
Gali Mata 2
Genre Comedy/Drama
Total Length 1164 Words
Created By iBrow Voltex
Written By iBrow Voltex
Edited By iBrow Voltex
Production Company iBrow Production
Release November 16, 2012
Part 3 is the untitled third chapter of Dark Unto Days. It was published on November 6, 2012.



Gali Mata

Unknown Toa of Water

Lewa Mata (Mentioned Only)

Fenrakk Vezon (Mentioned Only)

Kardas Vezon (Mentioned Only)

Onua Mata (Mentioned Only)

Kazi (Mentioned Only)

Tahu Mata (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Kopaka Mata (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Pohatu Mata (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Irnakk (Mentioned Only; Presumed Dead)

Tarix (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Mantax (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Kalmah (Mentioned Only; Deceased)

Rogue BionicleEdit










Hero FactoryEdit

Nex 2.0 (Mentioned Only; Deceased)


ALMIGHTY (Mentioned Only)


Part 3 begins with a conversation between Pridak, Ehlek and Takadox as the former two attempt to convince Takadox to let them in on his reasoning for following the Toa of Water out of the meeting. They begin to draw connections between him and Vezok, but Takadox shoots every theory down.

It then shifts over to the six Piraka, where Vezok is undergoing an interrogation very similar, with every other Piraka except for Zaktan trying to get answers out of him. Vezok finally agrees to tell them, but on one condition - he gets to fight one of them (not Zaktan) to the death. The other Piraka give up and begin to argue, giving Vezok a chance to get away. Zaktan notices, but does not take any action.

The chapter then switches over to Gali Mata, who is mourning the loss of Tarix outside. She is visited by the Toa of Water that appeared in Part 2, but the Toa remains unidentified and soon leaves. Gali Mata goes to the grave of Tahu Mata, and is visited by Takadox and Vezok. The three of them have a short conversation regarding the other Barraki, Pridak in particular, discussing where they might be able to find the Matoran Kazi.


  • This is the second appearance of the Unknown Toa of Water.
    • She also remains unidentified in this chapter.
  • This is the first chapter to make reference to all six of the Toa Mata since Battle #1.