Tahu vs. Tahu
Season 3 - Aftermath
The banner featuring Tahu Nuva and Tahu Mistika
Genre Comedy/Action/Adventure
Total Length 18, 003 Words
Created By iBrow Voltex
Written By iBrow Voltex
Edited By iBrow Voltex


Production Company iBrow Productions
Release October 15, 2011
Completion February 22, 2012
Chapters 13
PSAs 5
"Have you ever wondered what life would be like if the Tahu vs. Tahu war hadn’t occurred?"


Mata ArmyEdit

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Stars ArmyEdit

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Prologue: The Memories RemainEdit

The 2007 sets migrate to the pond; meanwhile, Tahu Nuva contemplates the aftermath of events.

Chapter 1: Depth ChargeEdit

Pridak & Mantax hatch an elaborate plan, and they hire Takadox to help.

Chapter 2: AttackEdit

Roodaka leads a massive prison breakout in the past.

Chapter 3: The New BrotherhoodEdit

Pridak, Mantax, Kazi, and Irnakk travel back in time.

Chapter 4: RevelationsEdit

In the past, Maxilos is greeted by a very strange Matoran.

Chapter 5: Changing HistoryEdit

The New Brotherhood receives help from an unexpected source.

Chapter 6: The Nex ParadoxEdit

Nex 2.0 seizes control in 2001, causing a paradox.

Chapter 7: SpiralEdit

Vultraz travels from one time stream to another, and doesn't like what he finds.

Chapter 8: Yrotsih GnignahcEdit

Tahu Mata sets things right... meanwhile, tragedy strikes the Toa Nuva.

Chapter 9: Time Stands StillEdit

Four Toa return after a long absence.

Chapter 10: ReferencesEdit

After months of a truce, Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars go to war once again as ALMIGHTY strikes with a new army.

Chapter 11: This One Goes to ElevenEdit

Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars unite, but their armies soon find themselves overwhelmed by the forces of ALMIGHTY.

Epilogue: Dance with DeathEdit

Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars reflect on the recent battle, and how they managed to win.

Other ChaptersEdit

Interview #5: NexEdit

iBrow interviews Nex, and hires Globin to help.

Special #4: (Milk)Edit

Nektann tries to cheer up a depressed Tahu Stars.

PSA #5: TimelineEdit

Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars explain the convoluted storyline.

Interview #6: MalumEdit

In the final interview, iBrow questions Malum over his obsession with Tahu Mata.


  • This is the only season of Tahu vs. Tahu not to feature Tahu Mata or Tahu Stars on a banner. It is also the only banner not to feature a room or a house.
  • The season went through four major drafts before the final story was decided:
    1. The Throwbots exit the attic, destroy all the Hero Factory sets, and go to war against the Bionicles.
    2. Lewa Mata is sent on an expedition to the attic to find the Throwbots while Hero Factory and Bionicle continue their war.
    3. Tahu Mata, Tahu Stars, Lewa Mata, and Takanuva Stars go missing; the armies continue to go to war with each other, and Hero Factory joins back in later.
    4. Same as draft 3, except Hero Factory would find the Throwbots and turn the war four ways.
  • The season was originally called Elite, and was going to feature the Throwbots. This was eventually pushed back into Season 4.
  • The title of the season is a reference to the comedy Aftermath by Toa Zehvor MT.


Season 3 - Aftermath

Made by Cherixon - the final banner made for Tahu vs. Tahu by Cherixon before his departure from BZPower.