Tahu vs. Tahu
Season 4 - Deconstruction
The banner featuring Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars
Genre Comedy/Action/Tragedy
Total Length 18, 776 Words
Created By iBrow Voltex
Written By iBrow Voltex
Edited By iBrow Voltex/Vinylstep/Unit#phntk#1/The BIONICLE Hero
Production Company iBrow Productions

Chronicle Studios

Release April 8, 2012
Completion September 27, 2012
Chapters 10
PSAs 2
"You can't stop a comedy god."
—Lewa Mata


Mata ArmyEdit

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Stars ArmyEdit

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Prologue: Why?Edit

Tahu Mata dreams of the past, while a raid by Lewa Mata goes awry.

Chapter 1: Insanity Triple Pole VaultEdit

The Throwbots reveal a shockingly advanced operation.

Chapter 2: I AM ABOUT TO DIEEdit

Makuta and Irnakk stage a rescue mission.

Chapter 3: The Kill OrderEdit

In the past, Torch teaches Flare why he's the boss.

Chapter 4: Up in Flames (1/2: Flames II)Edit

Torch turns the house into an inferno.

Chapter 5: AugurEdit

A mysterious figure meets with Jet and Macku.

Chapter 6: Die HardEdit

In his most brutal battle to date, Nex returns to the fray.

Chapter 7: Conducting a NexperimentEdit

Tahu Stars ambushes the remaining Throwbots and their allies.

Chapter 8: EndgameEdit

Tahu Mata and others stoop to new lows to achieve victory at last.

Epilogue: The New Arrivals, Part 2Edit

The first wave of the 2012 Hero Factory arrives, and one character shares a dark secret.

Other ChaptersEdit

PSA #6: FireEdit

Tahu Mata, Torch and Strakk explain the Pyromania update for Team Fortress 2.

PSA #7: Enough Comedy For You?Edit

Jetbug tries to put together a humorous preview of the comedy.


  • This season is the first to feature a CGI depiction of a character on the banner.
  • This season was originally going to star a select few characters being shunted into a different version of Tahu vs. Tahu, where both Tahu Mata and Tahu Stars got along. The final version of the storyline for the season was originally going to take place in a Season 6.
  • Before the idea of the sequel came into being, the season was to end on an ambigous note, with two different endings being released to show what would occur depending on which Tahu won the war.


Season 4 - Deconstruction

The banner for the season, made by Click. Also the first banner to feature a CGI depiction of a character.

Season 4 - Deconstruction 2

The alternate banner of the season, made by Click and depicting both Lewa Mata and Takanuva Stars.